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I’m grateful that:

1- The huge farmhouse table we bought fits our whole family comfortably!

2- Our family pictures turned out awesome!

3- The Indian restaurant that we tried out was so good & everyone liked it! 🙂

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Grateful for:

1- Getting in a good run this morning with my (future) sister-in-law!

2-  Korean food for dinner! Yum!

3- A hilarious game night with the siblings.  The human renditions of “jalope” & “rigor mortis” were definitely some of the highlights. 

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I’m feeling grateful for:

1-  Friday.  Enough said on that one!

2- The new recipe I made for dinner turned out delish!

3- A great night catching up with our family and cuddling my baby nephew!

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Feeling grateful for…

1-  Getting in a workout before going to work- great way to start the day.

2- My inbox contents {a sweet email from my hubby}.

3- Fun lunch with a girlfriend (and salad with goat cheese- yum)!

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I’m grateful for…

1- My pup who loves to go on runs with me & his excitement that motivates me to keep going (even when I want to give up and walk- ha)!

2- Feeling inspiration to decorate/re-arrange our bedroom.  It looks so much better now, and I hardly had to buy anything!

3- On Demand TV on rainy days.  What did we do before DVR and On Demand?

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Feeling grateful for…

1- Having a basement in our house to go to when the tornado sirens go off!

2- Safety/no injuries from the crazy storms!

3- A great deal on some funky picture frames from Michael’s. 

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Soap can save lives…so why are we throwing so much of it away?  I know I’ve had countless bars of barely used soap thrown away by the cleaning staff (following policy) during my hotel stays.  I’ve even brought unused soaps home with us knowing that the hotel will probably have to throw it away just in case someone touched it.  Over time we’ve accumulated a bunch of hotel soaps and I’ve been wondering how we will ever use them up, or where we could donate them! 

Well, now I know!  Derreck Kayongo started the Global Soap Project, which collects, sanitizes, and repackages these soaps and then distributes them to areas where people are literally dying without it.    What a difference a simple, common sense idea can make.  I’m excited to put together a box to send to his warehouse soon!   

I found out about this from CNN’s recent feature here!


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I’m grateful for…

1- A crazy, busy day at work.  That’s the way (uh huh, uh huh)* I like it. *Sorry, I had to.

2- My brother-in-law helping me out with some stuff around the house. 

3- Hearing from the hubby while he’s away for a few days.  It’s good to hear his voice at the end of the day!

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I’m grateful for…

1- A cute chat with my hubby in the morning.

2- Amazing bagel sandwiches, just like they used to make them when we were still in school here. 

3- Cuddles on the couch with my pup while catching up on DVR 🙂

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(((Saturday))) I’m grateful for…

1- Celebrating one of my bestest friend’s Birthday in one of our favorite places on the planet- the school where we met and made so many awesome memories!

2- Cheap pitchers of beer, the rain holding off, and the sun shining late into the night!

3- Great girlfriends to chat with late into the night, just like we used to in college. 🙂

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