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//  (nsp-rshn)

n. 1. a. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

b. The condition of being so stimulated.2. An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.3. Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.4. The quality of inspiring or exalting: a painting full of inspiration.5. Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.6. The act of drawing in, especially the inhalation of air into the lungs. (

This article is truly a story of the amazing power of love.  And of thinking outside the box.  And of not being afraid to be different.  And about a million other things. 

Read it 🙂  “Against All Odds, a Beautiful Life.”



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I’ve been ignoring the urges for a while, but now that all the life changes have calmed down to a manageable roar- I’m back.